The campus is a medium-size campus with almost 6,000 students. About 55% of the student body comes from outside the city. The campus has been recognized as the best option for pursuing studies in Central Mexico and offers the best university facilities in the region.

Our facilities include multimedia equipped classrooms, 60 specialized laboratories, a new gymnasium/auditorium, a new residence hall, the largest library in the state of Querétaro, new buildings that are specialized for media centers and industrial design, a Technological Park and a wireless internet connection throughout the entire campus.

The size and composition of the student body at Campus Queretaro contributes to a warm and supportive study environment that is multicultural as well.

The International Programs Office on campus offers services specially designed for exchange students. These services include an Orientation Program before the term starts, immigration services, housing, academic counseling, health insurance, field trips, and special events.

Our Campus Facilities
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Physical education and sport facilities
  • Auditorium
  • Volley ball courts
  • Basket ball courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Soccer fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Gymnasium
  • Track and field
  • Aerobics room
  • Beach volley ball sand court
  • Tae kwon do room
  • Dance Room
  • Three ATM machines, on-Campus bank
  • Largest library in the entire state of Querétaro
  • Residence Halls -on Campus-


Student Exchange in Mexico